Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

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What does FCS stand for?
FCS stand for Faculty of Contemporary Studies.
When was FCS formed and where is it located?
FCS was formed in September 2008 as part of the National Defence University. It is based in Sector E-9, Islamabad, Pakistan.
What is the Mission of FCS?
Three-fold mission of FCS includes:-
  • To enhance the intellectual and professional capabilities of potential NDU graduates in the fields of Security & Contemporary Studies
  • To nurture and develop their skills to become enlightened and useful citizens
  • To serve the nation through the pursuit of excellence in the distinguished academic disciplines by focusing on the contemporary issues of national and international importance
  • What is Role of FCS?

    To provide goal oriented programmes in selected fields of contemporary studies in a conducive environment for academic, professional and intellectual development.

    To provide advocacy and services to the public sector and the civil society through its research endeavours and seminars

    To be an academic institution for producing an effective human resource base and to become a centre of excellence for educating and training students, researchers

    To provide an internationally competitive environment for perspective postgraduate students by providing targeted teaching, professional education

    To foster national consciousness and compassion for the development of enlightened society

    What type of Academic Calendar does FCS follow?
    There are two main semesters: Fall and Spring.
    How many full-time faculty members does the university have?
    How many Departments at FCS?
    There are Five Departments:-
  • Dept of Govt & Public Policy (GPP)
  • Dept of Peace & Conflict Studies (PCS)
  • Dept of Strategic & Nuclear Studies (S&NS)
  • Dept of International Relations (IR)
  • Dept of Leadership & Management Studies (LMS)
  • .

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