Any student found using unfair means or assisting another student during a test/examination shall be liable to disciplinary action. A student found guilty of such an act, shall be dealt with in the light of policy in vogue. Use of unfair means generally covers the following, namely;-

  1. An attempt to have access to the question paper before the test/ examination
  2. Use/ possession of unauthorized reference material during test/ examination
  3. Any form of communication by the examinees with any one in or outside the examination room while the test/examination is in progress
  4. Unauthorized entry into faculty's office or that of his staff with the intention of having an access to or tampering with the official record/exam papers etc


  1. Cancellation of the examination paper in which the unfair-means were used
  2. A fine of up to Rs. 10,000 commensurate with the offense
  3. Cancellation of the entire examination result of a semester, whether or not already completed wherein the malpractice occurred
  4. Cancellation of the entire course to which the examination paper was related
  5. Disqualification from appearing in examinations for a specified period
  6. Expulsion from the rolls of the University
  7. Rustication from the University
  8. Forfeiture of degree/diploma/certificate